František Lomský, certified coach with EMCC acreditation

"Real change cannot be enforced by pressure however just experienced inwardly to manifest in our real life. Only thus it can be authentic and permanent. That is why it is of such an importance being mindful of our deepest needs, desires and motivations. Being truly aware of them, we find a source of hidden power in ourselves which enables us undergoing any change desired."


"It is not about answering your questions but questioning your answers." 

Executive and personal coaching

I provide executive and transformational coaching for corporate and private clients. The aim is to fully develop a client's personal potential and increase their work efficiency through enhanced awareness and a subsequent change in attitudes and habits. As a result, the client is able to see his or her life situation from a much broader perspective, effectively use all of their available resources and find new and creative ways to address the challenges in their professional and personal life. This change is accompanied by deepening mental well-being. Furthermore, I run individual and group mindfulness training based on MBSR program (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) to help cope with stress using mindfulness. It is an empirically and scientifically based, highly effective, method that uses our ability to be conscious of our physical and mental experiences.

What is coaching
and how does it work? 

Coaching is a form of cooperation between the coach and client, where the coach creates a protected space in which to work with the client in order to expand his or her perception of reality and for them to make use of their undiscovered potential. All the time, the client decides which direction the process takes and is also responsible for it. Coaching usually takes place over five or ten 60-minute sessions. At the beginning, a shorter initial meeting is held, which is free of charge and does not oblige the client to commence the series of coaching sessions. During this initial meeting the topics for coaching will be decided and the technical conditions will be set.

Issues you can
contact me with

In work or personal situations where you need:

  • to move from a place you feel uncomfortable, 
  • to find a better work-life balance, or perhaps manage your tasks more efficiently and with deeper mental well-being,
  • if you are looking to start a new career,
  • to solve an inner dilemma, 
  • to clarify priorities and understand yourself better, 
  • to improve your human relations both in your work and private life, 
  • to cope with stress, 
  • to change ineffective patterns of behaviour etc. 

Why "mindful"


I use a range of coaching and psychology methods that help the client to understand and change their own self-limiting perception and response patterns. This results in the ability to see their situation from new perspective, which gives them the potential to make more conscious decisions in specific situations and brings new opportunities for the future.

Using mindfulness techniques makes the coaching process much more effective and, according to scientific studies, brings a number of additional benefits (higher resistance to stress, greater well-being, higher efficiency at work and in time management). For this reason, companies like Google, Nike and Apple among others are all using mindfulness training for their employees.

Who am I?

Professional coach with training at Academy of Coaching Excellence whose program is accredited by two international coaching associations ICF and EMCC. 

Who am I? Perhaps it is not possible to give a full answer to such a question. I am living many characters, I am each of them and none of them at the same time. I worked with horses until my 40, early as a rider and later at administrative positions (Ministry of Agriculture, Czech National Studfarms). Later I co-founded an international brand Iswari focused on organic and vegan food. Thanks to this I gained experience in business sector and with all what it is about such as work-life balance, stressful situations or team leading.

I have been dedicating all my adult life to self-understanding, mind functioning and its impact on harmony in our daily lives. Since 2000, I am practising mindfulness and buddhist insight meditation vipassaná. I am an active member in Buddha Mangala Association and I am leading meditation groups at Buddhist Centrum Lotus in Prague. 

As I trained in accordance to the metodology of ICF and EMCC, I can guarantee approach based in deep knowledge of coaching techniques. My work is supervised on regular basis and it follows oficial ethical codex.  


"Thank you for all the sessions, each of them had a big impact on me, each helped me to move on. They looked like a normal interview however it was something much more. It touched various issues in myself and without being aware of it, all was maturing and resulted in deeper comprehension and new insights. You enabled me to discover just by half opening the doors. All what followed was up to me, you didn't deliver me your view, you let me see - in a peaceful and friendly atmosphere. It was a pleasure to feel that there is no Big Saint Wisdom sitting next to me and judging me but that there is a human with his own life and emotions, being somewhere on his journey and who approaches others with humbleness. This was a key to opening myself with trust which enabled all what happened afterwards. Thank you very much!" (Kateřina Kratochvílová, manager in automotive company)

"František gives impression of a natural professional coach firmly anchored in mindfulness. He is not just dominating the coaching technique but he is also attentive and intuitive. In my case, he was very helpful as a guide during a period of change. What made me happy was his way of transformative coaching. This attitude had an impact not just on my professional carreer but also on my gentle personal transformation and better self-understanding." (Tereza Kerle, artist / dance performer)

"František's way of coaching surprised me in a very positive way. He didn't show me any path but led me to pondering where I would like to aim to. He helped me to think more rationally and get free of confusing feelings and emotions. This attitude helped me not only in the particular issue however I am using it now in more areas of my life. He especially helped me to look into my self to find what I really wanted and where I wished to go. One is not willing to confess him/herself many things and good coaching gently helps you to find the direction of your path. I wasn't afraid to analyze my unpleasant stuff under supervision of the coach which helped to find solution of my case." (Monika Brucknerová, show jumping rider)

"I discovered new things in myself and my life path has improved through coaching techniques by Mr. Lomsky. Thanks to him I feel now that I am able to face failures with more ease and focus on problems which I used to ignore before. I recommend his service to everyone who would like to increase his/her wellbeing and understand better to him/herself." (Anna Pečochová, graphin designer) 


These prices are applicable for sessions in English language:

One session (60 min): 80 €
Series of 3 sessions (3 x 60 min): 200 €
Series of 6 sessions: 340 €

It is possible to come to just one session and if you are happy with my coaching approach, you can buy more sessions to get the "series discount".


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