Mindful Coaching

Executive and personal coaching

I provide executive and transformational coaching for corporate and private clients. The aim is to fully develop a client’s personal potential and increase their work efficiency through enhanced awareness and a subsequent change in attitudes and habits. As a result, the client is able to see his or her life situation from a much broader perspective, effectively use all of their available resources and find new and creative ways to address the challenges in their professional and personal life. This change is accompanied by deepening mental well-being. Furthermore, I run individual and group MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) training to help cope with stress using mindfulness. It is an empirically and scientifically based, highly effective, method that uses the brain’s ability to be conscious of our physical and mental experiences.


What is coaching and how does it work?

Coaching is a form of cooperation between the coach and client, where the coach creates a protected space in which to work with the client in order to expand his or her perception of reality and for them to make use of their undiscovered potential. All the time, the client decides which direction the process takes and is also responsible for it. Coaching usually takes place over five or ten 60-minute sessions. At the beginning, a shorter initial meeting is held, which is free of charge and does not oblige the client to commence the series of coaching sessions. During this initial meeting the topics for coaching will be decided and the technical conditions will be set.

Issues you can contact me with

In work or personal situations where you need to move from a place you feel uncomfortable, to find a better work-life balance, or perhaps manage your tasks more efficiently and with deeper mental well-being. If you are looking to start a new career, solve an inner dilemma, clarify priorities and understand yourself better, improve your human relations both in your work and private life, cope with stress, or change ineffective patterns of behaviour etc. MBSR training is the perfect option if your intention is to reduce stress, increase emotional intelligence, adaptability and flexibility, develop creativity, or improve decision-making skills. This training is suitable for both individuals and teams.

Why “mindful” coaching?

I use a range of coaching and psychology methods that help the client to understand and change their own self-limiting perception and response patterns. This results in the ability to see their situation from new perspective, which gives them the potential to make more conscious decisions in specific situations and brings new opportunities for the future.
Using mindfulness techniques makes the coaching process much more effective and, according to scientific studies, brings a number of additional benefits (higher resistance to stress, greater well-being, higher efficiency at work and in time management). For this reason, companies like Google, Nike and Apple among others are all using mindfulness training for their employees.


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